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Design Build has the potential to reduce overall project costs during the design phase, because we have a better feel and appreciation for the construction costs of various design alternatives, each line we draw has a dollar sign, therefore we will produce a design that is less expensive to build and has an incentive to do so. No lost time between the design completion and the start of the construction one entity performs design, permit, construction and occupancy. Any proposed substitution of a new or alternative products by the homeowner can be reviewed at the spot with the designer, to reduce the project delay.

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A list of tasks and considerations for a homeowner to undertake when taking on the role of a lead designer for their home improvement or renovation project. Here's a breakdown and some additional points to consider:

  1. 1. Prepare a need, wants, and wish list:
    Clearly define your priorities, desires, and dream features. This will be the foundation for your design decisions.
  2. 2. Measure your existing house major rooms for reference:
    Accurate measurements of your existing space will serve as a valuable reference point for planning the size and layout of new rooms.
  3. 3. Collect images online to share your style preferences:
    Assemble a collection of images that showcase your preferred style and aesthetic. This will help convey your vision to any professionals you consult.
  4. 4. Look for inspiration on Pinterest and share with professionals:
    Utilize platforms like Pinterest to gather inspiration. Sharing these boards with designers and contractors will ensure everyone is on the same page regarding the desired aesthetic.
  5. 5. List what you don’t like in your existing house:
    Identifying dislikes helps in avoiding design elements that haven't worked for you in the past. This can guide the design process towards solutions that better suit your preferences.
  6. 6. Write down your goals for this project:
    Clearly articulate your objectives. This could include creating more functional spaces, improving flow, or enhancing overall aesthetics.
  7. 7. Get inspired by your children:
    Involve your children in the process to understand their needs and preferences. Their insights can contribute to creating spaces that cater to the entire family.
  8. 8. Talk to friends who underwent similar experiences:
    Seek advice from friends who have been through home improvement projects. Learn from their experiences, both positive and challenging, to better prepare for your own journey.
  9. 9. Consider financial aspects:
    Be realistic about your budget. Communicate openly with professionals to ensure that your financial constraints are taken into account in the design process.
  10. 10. Set holistic goals for happiness and well-being:
    Beyond the physical aspects, consider how the redesigned space can contribute to your overall happiness and well-being. This might involve creating spaces for relaxation, family activities, or personal pursuits.
  11. Remember to maintain open communication with any professionals you work with, and collaborate closely throughout the project. A well-thought-out and well-communicated vision will increase the likelihood of a successful and satisfying outcome for your custom home.

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Committed to building close working relationships with our clients, Tysons Design Build also strives to add value to the local community through our use of sustainable materials and our dedication to maintaining the highest industry standards.

Working with an experienced architect at any stage of your construction project helps to avoid delays and errors in design and performance. Tysons Design Build can help you achieve the most cost effective and exclusive architectural designs that meet the needs of your residential development projects from start to finish. Contact our professional team of architects for a hands-on, personalized approach that is rarely found with larger firms by calling us today.

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Why do you need an Architect?

Hiring an architect to help guide you through a residential design process. It can also minimize costs in the long run and allow you to achieve the full potential of your dream house.

The benefits of hiring an architect are endless. A professional Architect will save you a lot of stress, time and money. They will work tirelessly so you can achieve your dream home and will help with the following:

Zoning approvals:

Your design is complete and you’re ready for the next step, building! However, if your building is not zone approved you could be in for some serious trouble. An architect will make sure the legal work is completed before the design process even begins.

Custom design:

Your architect will help you with the creation process. They will spend hours writing detailed descriptions of building and design materials. All of your ideas must be transcribed formerly for cost and instructive purposes.

Oversee and manage the project:

As a homeowner, you’ll notice that overseeing a construction project is a lot of work and can cause an enormous amount of anxiety. You won’t be losing your artistic input by hiring an architect. If anything you’ll be saving yourself a lot of headaches. You are not getting paid to manage your design project or deal with minor issues. A professional manager will keep your creativity flowing and the stress at bay.


When we decided to preserve our family home in Cabin John, Maryland we knew we needed someone that understood what our home meant to us. We searched for a Designer and GC and found everything we needed in Ali and his company. He listened to our vision and brought us along on the wonderful journey of rebuilding our home. We went from a split level home that we loved to a beautiful 3 lvl masterpiece that perfectly fits our growing family. The icing on the cake was they delivered our new home ahead of schedule and on my Birthday. What a wonderful birthday it was. If you are looking to build your home or renovate your existing home, I highly recommend them👍

-Stacey Rush

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